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React Native development services

Avanzar Solution always strives to offer our clients the best of what is on the international software development market. Currently, our range of React Native development services includes six main areas, for each of which we have our own specialists.

 React Native app development

We specialize in the custom development of mobile applications based on React Native, guaranteeing each of our clients the scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of the created solutions.

React Native migration

If the client is going to upgrade an existing mobile solution, we audit it and, after making an informed decision, carry out a quick and safe migration to RN with an optional refinement of the functionality.

React Native app maintenance

We never abandon our clients after launching a solution created with RN and ensure fast technical support, simple deployment, and timely release of updates.

React Native audit & consulting

If our client has doubts about how to implement a business idea, our React Native consulting specialists are always ready to help in choosing.

React Native plugin development

We are also highly specialized in creating plugins and widgets for already existing digital solutions, applying the maximum opportunities that React Native offers.

Dedicated React developers

For clients with an in-house development team, collaboration with dedicated RN developers. Our specialists will immediately adapt.

What is React Native?

React Native is the brainchild of the Facebook team, which first was introduced in 2015. Since then, this framework has acquired an impressive developer community, and to this day it is considered one of the best solutions for cross-platform development in the world. Our teams always save time and money for clients by creating native-like solutions with RN.

React Native cross-platform app development

Cross-platform development with React Native is a great solution for both small and scalable projects. Thanks to its high performance, this framework allows our React Native mobile app development company to create interactive software products with a native-like interface, regardless of the level of complexity of business logic. Learn more about React Native cross-platform development directions below.

Android app development

Android is the most popular mobile platform in the world, so building Android-compatible apps is a great opportunity to reach a huge target audience. Our React Native Android app development services will ensure that the future solution will look native to this platform.

iOS app development

According to statistics, the target audience of iOS is the most difficult to please. We will ensure effective monetization of the created solution as part of iOS app development with React Native to ensure a stable income after its launch.

Web app development

Our React Native Web development services include creating high-performance and upgradable applications that are compatible with any web browser. We implement all the planned functionality using our best experience and strongest skills in web development.

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